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Counseling Services

• Marriage Counseling
• Relationship Help
• Anxiety & Depression
• Trauma Therapy
• Teen Counseling
• Behavior Problems in Kids
• Family Counseling
• Addiction Treatment
(substance abuse)
• Anger, Worry, and Resentments
(emotions that get in the way)

Bonnie Mucklow therapy and counseling

Therapy Can Help

Many people want their relationships to be happier, more peaceful and free of destructive patterns. While our emotions add richness to our lives, they can sometimes get in our way.

In counseling, Bonnie Mucklow helps clients change thinking patterns and core beliefs that negatively impact relationships at home and work.

Kids Counseling

Are you puzzled and frustrated by your child’s behaviors? Are you wondering what to do? Individual and family counseling can help!

Marriage Counseling

Have you noticed the same pattern of communication or destructive behavior in your marriage again and again? Marriage counseling can help! Get started today.

Family Counseling

Are you having trouble talking to the people you love most about things that trouble you? Family counseling can help!

Substance Abuse

Have you tried substance abuse treatment and dropped out after one or two sessions? Has your alcohol or drug use caused problems in your life? Does a family member have addiction problems? Family-based substance abuse treatment is for you.


Do anger, resentment and emotional ups and downs interfere with your life? Therapy can help!


Are you nervous about calling a counselor? It is not uncommon to be unsure about speaking with a therapist. Feel free to email to ask questions about counseling or addiction treatment.