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Families at Five: Substance Abuse Treatment

Families at Five brings two evidenced-based therapies together in an intensive outpatient addiction treatment program: cognitive-behavioral and family systems. Studies show that the integration of family therapy with substance abuse treatment enhances the chances for a successful outcome. Clients are more engaged in treatment and more likely to successfully complete the program. In addition, overall family functioning improves. See FAQs.

Families at Five is a family-based, cognitive-behavioral intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program for individuals twelve and older who are abusing alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs. A family-based program shifts the focus from the individual drug use to the relationship interactions in and among family members. Families inadvertently trigger, reinforce, or support the addiction problem. Learn more about cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The outpatient substance abuse treatment program meets for four weeks for group sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. The first half of the evening consists of group sessions that include all clients and participating family members. In the second half of the evening, the large group is broken down into a group of all clients and a group of participating family members. In addition, every week, each client and his/her participating family members will meet with a therapist for one hour of individual family counseling.

Clients are required to abstain from alcohol and drug use during the addiction treatment program. All clients will be required to submit to random testing on a bi-monthly basis through a drug screening service such as WizQuiz. The client must arrange testing and is responsible for the cost, which is approximately $25 to $50 per week.

Clients are screened for co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety. If the counselor learns that a medical or psychiatric problem is contributing to the substance abuse problem, the client will be referred to a medical provider. Clients meeting established criteria will be encouraged to participate in adjunct therapies such as the use of antabuse and naltrexone. Clients are responsible for the cost of adjunct treatments and referrals.

Aftercare is a continuation of services on a less frequent basis following the completion of the core outpatient addiction program. Participating in aftercare is a significant factor in relapse prevention. The Families at Five program provides aftercare services and recommends that clients attend aftercare for three months after completing the four-week addiction treatment program.

Families that complete the Families at Five program fill out a Client Satisfaction Survey about their experience. Over the past two years, no participants have dropped out before completing the program. This is an important measure of success for Families at Five because industry data documents a high drop-out rate among addiction treatment participants.

The client satisfaction survey summary shows client responses to measures of success for the program, such as reduced family conflict, family members meeting their obligations, and reduction in anger. Clients rate the questions on a scale of l to 5; responses of 4 and 5 indicate that the member strongly agreed with the question. The questions were answered with yes or no and weighted with 2 for yes and l for no. These questions asked how the program was provided. For example, “Do you feel you were treated in a respectful and courteous manner?”

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Do you have questions about the Families at Five Substance Abuse Treatment Program? Please feel free to contact Bonnie Mucklow.

See what participants have said about the Families at Five Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

"The program gave us the tools needed to help both addict and co-dependent," Shari S.

"Tt was most helpful in handling how angry we all are." Peggy A.

"It felt good just to talk things out; understanding the roles and how we are responsible for where we are at as a family unit." Pete M.

"The open communication with other families - what a relief to me; their support and ideas!" Barry T.

Please view the Outcomes tab to see client survey results.

family-based treatment for addiction

Families at Five Program Highlights

• Outpatient, family-based, cogintive behavioral therapy
• Four weeks of group sessions meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
• Cost: $1,300 for 4-week group program; $65 for intake and individual family sessions
• Random alcohol and drug testing required
• See Frequently Asked Questions

Core Principles

The Families at Five Substance Abuse Treatment Program is based on two core principles.

• No single substance abuse treatment is appropriate for all individuals.

• Effective addiction treatment attends to the multiple needs of the individual, not just his/her drug or alcohol use.

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Core Ideas

Seven core ideas weave throughout the four-week program:

• You did not cause addiction, but once you know you have it, you have a responsibility to manage it
• Boundaries between ourselves and others
• Anger, the misunderstood emotion
• Relapse prevention
• What it means to name our feelings rather than medicate them
• Communication
• Changing how we think to change how we feel

Program Cost

Four-week outpatient program: $1,300. Intake and individual family sessions: $65 each. We accept third party payment from insurance companies and Medicaid. If the client expects insurance to cover the major part of the cost, he/she must present proof of coverage at the intake appointment. The counselor will collect co-pays. The client is responsible for the program cost. The counselor will obtain insurance authorization. If the insurance company declines payment for any reason, the client will be billed at the contracted rate. We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Colorado Office of Behavioral Health Families at Five is a licensed outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment program with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.