Couples and Family Counseling

How is it different from other forms of counseling?

Family counseling has been found effective in treating various life problems, emotional and behavioral problems with children, as well as depression, anxiety, and addiction. Close relationships that foster freedom of expression, support, and cooperation provide a deep and satisfying life for us all. But sometimes we find ourselves in destructive patterns within our relationships with others. Or, we repeat a negative and ineffective behavior with ourselves and others.

In traditional marriage and family counseling, the client is the marriage or the family, not the individual. The therapist is less concerned with individual needs and more concerned about helping individuals recognize patterns in relationships that just don’t work for them or finding a way to talk through a problem to find a solution. Bonnie uses a directive approach to family counseling - providing education and coaching on relationship skills that benefit families

Bonnie is a licensed professional counselor. See details about her marriage and family counseling experience.


Is family counseling right for you?

If you or a family member is experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction, panic, or grief, seek professional counseling.


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