Therapy Can Help Minimize Chronic Pain

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Meditation | Breathing | Mindfulness

Do you live with chronic pain?

Are you looking for support to help minimize your pain?

Did you know that group outpatient treatment can help with chronic pain?

The combination of pain, opioids, and addiction is a huge healthcare crisis in the United States. Pain is made worse by our emotions, memories, fears, behaviors, and social situations. Pain impacts stress and stress impacts pain. Science shows that the answer to these issues lies within behavioral health treatment because pain is a complex biopsychosocial disease. We now know that by treating the biopsychosocial component of pain, we can reduce the pain and suffering more effectively than with any medication.


Therapy to Help with Chronic Pain

Outpatient treatment begins with a careful assessment of the pain problem and communication with your previous and current medical providers. It will then provide an important understanding of chronic pain in a supportive group environment and useful tools for healing such as meditation, breathing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness practices. Clients are invited to use a workbook on managing chronic pain in conjunction with the therapy sessions.


Group Outpatient Treatment Program

Group sessions are held weekly for six weeks. The cost for the six session treatment is $540. Payment is due at the first session in order to encourage weekly attendance and participation. Contact your insurance carrier to ask about coverage and copays.

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